Dollar Shave Club

Not a paid post. NOT A PAID POST. I am sick and tired of the prices of razors. I tried the knock-off store brands, which resulted in many scratches as the handles would quickly deteriorate and drop the blades at random times, causing the blunt edge of the cartridge holder to slide not-so-lovingly against my skin. Mmm, fresh scratches.

The Dollar Shave Club minimalist envelope
The Dollar Shave Club’s minimalist envelope.  $7.29 for a complementary handle and 4 cartridges. Recurring billing so you receive four replacement cartridges each month right to your door.


I was also sick of paying–on average–$30.00 for 6 cartridges, each of which would last me maybe a week before losing its sharpness. This means changing it once a week if you didn’t feel like using a dull razor and harvesting the true power of ingrown hairs. Rawr. In essence, this worked out to roughly $20.00 per month. A cost that I could only talk myself into when my tax return comes. Living the big life, you guys. Big dreams.

I’ve endured a lot of ingrown hairs. What can I say?

I’m a daily shaver, sometimes every other day, but since the age of 20, I’ve rarely gone more than a day in between shaving my legs and arm pits… And my arms. Thank you, Cody Ward for saying my arms look like that of a monkey in grade 10. I remember. Oh, I remember. And other things.

I go through cartridges easily. So the point of this post is! (Drum roll, please)

Dollar Shave Club is in Canada. They ship in Canada! I was billed $7.29 Canadian on August 15th and yesterday, I checked the mail to receive this:

cheap razors and handles, razor shave club
I’m grabbing myself a bottle of wine, pouring a bubble bath and having a one-on-one date with this glorious beast tonight.

This is a referral link if you’d like to give them a try: here. These guys have three cartridge options (one blade, two blades, too many to count blades) and one heck of a great personality to back up their brand:

humour of the dollar shave club
Official Member Card
Present this card at any bar for a free drink*
* Not really. *Please don’t drink and shave.

Barber’s Hole; Just Before Nymph Falls

One of the most beautiful places I’ve been to in the Comox Valley would have to be Barber’s Hole. I don’t recommend taking little ones with you if you don’t have a partner to help you with the hike down. I took a 3-year-old, 9-year-old, and two 11-year-olds. I had a wee bit of a panic attack while climbing down the steep hills with my youngest.

The boys diving for clay at Barber's Hole in Comox Valley
The boys diving for clay at Barber’s Hole

I digress, it was a great experience. The water is refreshing and the insects, creatures, and bugs my little guy found were everywhere.

The older boys found a bunch of clay at the bottom of the lake and took turns diving to grab up clumps. Very exciting stuff!

Barber's Hole has currents
The water had too many currents for this newcomer to swimming

My daughter didn’t feel comfortable swimming, because there is a little current and she’s still some-what new to solo swimming.

A Trip to The Wrecks

Something to do around the Valley! Take a respectful trip to the wrecks in Royston. (Be kind to the wildlife and leave things as you find them)


ship wrecks in Royston
The entrance to the pivot

IMG_0867 IMG_0872 IMG_0877 IMG_0880 IMG_0882 IMG_0884 IMG_0886 IMG_0888 IMG_0893 IMG_0896

The trail leads to a pillar that brings you out to the ship wrecks, along the ocean.

The girls stopped to read the sign “Trails Closed.”





The boys did not.






Had to follow them in to get the little one.





And took some pictures to document the gorgeous view and the gorgeous day.






Italian Brunch

Recipe below :)

Brunch in bed #frenchbread #homemade #freshBread #Balsamic #freshBasil love. I should move to Italy

A photo posted by Jocelyn ( on

The best foods come from simple ingredients. Water, yeast, salt, flour, mozzarella, basil, and tomato.

I used this French Bread recipe: French Bread, cut it in half and forwent the cornmeal. Once the bread was baked, I immediately cut it into 1″ slices and slapped a piece of mozzarella on top, followed by tomato and fresh basil. Toast it in the oven, or just eat it straight like that, but make sure you have some balsamic vinegar to dip it in. Mmm.


I have a balsamic vinegar addiction!

Festival of Lights! Fireworks Tonight

Okay, my valley peeps. I hope you’ve planned your BC day well and included the Quality Foods Festival of Lights in your night’s grande finale. Taking place off Comox Harbor, over the bay. View-able from the Nautical Days’ stomping grounds: a free festival for families of all ages.


Fireworks tend to start around sundown when the sky turns dark, which has been around 10:00 pm lately. Cheers!

Update and Chit Chat

Baseball season is done, although ladies’ league has started. This year, it felt like a very short season. Perhaps because I didn’t participate in nearly as many tournaments as I did last year. Weekends are when I’m most often called into work and are also when tournaments are held, so I chose to focus on work this year.

And then I didn’t get many calls. Go figure. I hate being a casual employee. It makes it really hard to plan anything. You would think that being a casual would make planning things easier, but most of my day is built around “Just in case I get a call to work.” And I don’t sign up for certain events in hopes of getting shifts and just end up not getting the shift nor participating in the event. Sure, it’s nice being able to have freedom to plan time off without having to apply for time off, but at the same time, it’s really hard to plan bills around “potential” income.

Ahh. Alright, rant number two: be aware that Shaw is increasing their prices once again and their current packages are terrible. Such low download speeds. In our 5-person home, if one person is watching Netflix, others will have to wait a few minutes for a website to load. A website. I can hear the beep, cckckckckcckc, reeeeeerrrrrrr, zzzzzzz of the dial-up modem in my memories coming alive.

Rant 3… Yesterday morning, I spent a good 40 minutes researching and writing an article about asbestos. It was great, it was informative, it was gone in an instant. Laptops with touchpads that have an overly sensitive back swipe gesture set… Oh lawds. I wasn’t too thrilled.

Happy things! We’ve been hanging around the waters here in the Comox Valley a lot. Exploring rivers, lakes, and beaches. What a gorgeous place this valley is. I haven’t been to the gym in almost a month now. I was doing the Gluteal Goddess workout (and yes, blushing anytime I told someone the name of it) at the gym when I stopped going. I didn’t stop by choice, more the hours changed for summer and I don’t have daycare for my eldest with school being out. I have not been active outside of short walks, house work, and swimming.

Small suggestion… If you are in the valley, check out the Butcher’s Block as they have a really great Summer Package of meat for $150. Seems like a lot, but it is so nice and convenient to have 3 weeks worth of meat (5 person household) in your freezer, at the ready. Meal planning is easier, the meat is sourced from local farms and are raised well/healthy. Also, the employees there are all kick ass. Super cool and funny people. And Tuesday is turducken sandwich day. Wink, wink.

Sunshine Organics

I recently re-signed up with Sunshine Organics. This is not a paid post, just something I want to share with members of the Comox Valley and Powell River.

Each week, Sunshine Organics delivers fresh, organic produce (and local groceries if you so choose) directly to your door. All you have to do is leave out one of the bins ($20 deposit for your first one) with a check in it, and voila! They leave the bin right there for you.

Each Friday, an email is sent out reminding you to log in to their website. When you do this, you can see this coming week’s produce selection (each week, the bin contents change). There are fruit bins and fruit/veggie bins. If you don’t like what is included, you can substitute out up to 4 items with something that you actually would like.

Alternatively, you can create a custom bin based on the produce that you would like to receive.

My favourite things about this bin: It’s well priced. It has variation each week. It makes meal planning a little easier as you can tailor your meals to what produce is included. It is delivered right to your door. They try very hard to ensure that the contents are local and organic! Best of all… My kids love going through the bin when we get it. Making vegetables exciting! Oh heck yeah!

Gym Progress

Ha! Haha! I have gone to the gym two or three times this month, I think. Between baseball and working shifts that don’t really allow time for it, it’s been difficult.

We went to Quadra Island for their annual baseball tournament, which was filled with lots of laughs, baseball, blistering hot sun, and a return ferry line up that was way too long.

Anyway, at my last gym session, I slowed down on the squats as my knees were aching from all the baseball games I’ve played this month. I play in the field, usually, so I am often running and sprinting, pivoting, turning, and what-have-you. They are also having big issues attempting to steer the medcarts we have at one of my work places: It does not go in a straight line, it is big, bulky, and heavy, and a lot of people tend to walk right in front of you, not realizing the amount of force that is required to actually stop the darn thing. My favourite cart is the one that doesn’t have steering brakes (none of the steering brakes actually work at this particular location) but does have a parking brake… On the wheel that doesn’t touch the ground. haha Cracks me up 😛

I went off on a tangent there… Gym. I started focusing on my glutes, so my routine consisted of straight leg dead lifts, weighted hip thrusts (70 lbs, oh my gosh… Brutal. Really good work out for the glutes), and to maintain a good balance of muscle, I hopped on the treadmill for some up-hill action, and finished with an attempt on the spin bike. My quads were not having any of that, though. I lasted 7 minutes.

My favourite breakfast at the moment is Oatmeal made with large flake oats & water, then mixed with 1% cottage cheese, and loaded with Sriracha sauce. I can’t get enough of that stuff.

Best Items to Keep on Hand for the Kitchen?

When you are living frugally, or attempting to live within your means, one of the most important things to keep in mind is how you intend to eat well while on a budget. The list that will follow is my personal take on matters, but I would love to hear what must-haves you keep in your pantry! This list is also an excellent place to start if you are starting fresh or moving out on your own for the first time and need to stock yourself up on essential pantry foods. This is strictly pantry foods 😉

The Basics — Things You Likely Already Have in Your Pantry

  • Salt and Pepper. Because, reasons.
  • Olive Oil (low burning point)
  • Canola or other vegetable oil (high burning point)
  • Various pastas (I keep orzo, spaghetti, and penne on hand)
  • Basic spices: Oregano (or Italian seasoning), basil, thyme, rosemary, cinnamon dried parsley.
  • Less basic spices: Whole bay leafs, curry powder, turmeric (which is actually a natural anti-inflammatory), cayenne.
  • My personal favourite spice that isn’t really a usual staple, but I’ll be damned if we don’t use it at least three times a week: smoked chipotle pepper. Oh lawds. It’s amazing.
  • Canned tomatoes: Crushed, diced, and paste. Great for last minute pizza sauces, tomato-based pasta spices, and curries. Or… Almost anything.
  • Canned coconut milk. Not really an essential, but I’ve been on a bit of a curry binge lately, and these bad boys were on sale not too long ago, so I stocked up.
  • Other canned goods: baked beans, corn… Most other canned vegetables or legumes don’t hold up overly well.
  • Dried foods: garbanzo beans/chickpeas, rice, lentils (red and green), dried beans of your choosing for things, such as chili.
  • Baking goods: All purpose flour (So, so much of this), baking powder, baking soda, white sugar, brown sugar, and oats (I try to stick with old fashioned style).

I grayed out the ones that are more “extravagant”. The remaining items will fare you well if you are trying to kick-start your own pantry or trying to put together a house warming basket for a friend or loved one who has just moved out on their own, or are putting together a care package for that college student of yours.

What do you make sure to keep in your pantry?

Birch Box :: March 2015


Oh yes. The best kind of mail. I love subscription boxes like these. This is my first Birch Box. Prior to this, I had tried Glymm before they sadly went out of business… And took $70 out of my pocket in the closure. D’oh! I gave up on Ipsy as the products just weren’t my cup of tea.


Trying to get free advertisement through social media… I obliged and tweeted. I’m a sucker. The back of the card has a list of items and their description.


Goodies nestled into their little sardine box.


I haven’t used this blending sponge yet. I don’t use foundation nor powder unless it’s for a special event. Live long and prosper, my large pores, uneven skin tone, and red splotches.


Leave-in Conditioner. This smells like high-end salons. At least, I think it does. I went to one once. It was glorious.


The best, easy-to-blend/smudge, and stay-on liner I’ve tried in quite some time.


Hello body cream. It smells very fragrant, which is not a good thing for me as I can’t wear this to work. I think I got high off of the fumes the first time I tried it.


Vasanti “BrightenUp” microscrub. I love anything by Vasanti. This facial cleanser is a really nice, mild one that really does brighten up your face when you use it. Love!