Regrowing Celery: Planted in Dirt

Regrowing Celery

Regrowing Celery

Heck yeah! I planted my celery butt… That’s not the technical term for the end portion of a celery, but it makes sense to me. While typing out “celery” just now, I realized that I was well into elementary school before I realized that “salary” was not only the wrong pronounciation of celery, but it is a separate word entirely…


Righto. So I soaked my celery butt (hehe) in water within a shallow dish for a few days. The middle portion grew some new leafs, yet no real roots aside from some mini squiggles, so I held my breath and planted it anyway.

So far, so good. The celery seems to be becoming more green with each passing day and is growing fuller bit-by-bit.

I can’t wait to see how this turns out 🙂

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