A Review of Fabletics… Customer Service

Not a paid post. I’ve been a member of Fabletics for over a year now. I logged in each month to skip the month and would browse the outfits. If I saw one I liked, I’d order it and there was an 80% chance that I would like the items I received. The other 20% would be discontent because I either chose the wrong size or the item wasn’t shown well on the website.

My last order was last month and it contained a skirt and two shirts that are my absolute favourite! I love them. When August came around, I took the time to log in to my account and skipped the month, knowing that it isn’t something I will be able to afford just yet. I’m entering school next month again, so need to be more mindful of my finances. I thought I skipped it, anyway. I even got the banner saying that I had skipped the month. Maybe it was a dream, because I got charged and a credit was added to my account as though I hadn’t skipped it.

Realizing that this accidental charge might be a monthly concern while I’m in school, I opted to try and cancel my account, so I called the phone number and was greeted by a friendly automated voice which took voice commands. I followed her prompts and requested that my membership be cancelled. Boy was I ever surprised when she told me that my account was already set to inactive. Hmm. That certainly didn’t make sense, so I hopped on to the website and opened up a live chat window and I waited. And waited. And waited. 30 minutes went by and I was still in limbo, waiting to hear from a representative.

Frustrated and a little insulted at this point, I sent an email. But that wasn’t good enough in my moment of frustration, so I went to twitter and sent a tweet to them asking if I could save them the trouble by issuing a chargeback. I felt a little bad, but this was kind of a silly hoop jumping festival I was suddenly a part of. I got a response by the time I woke up the next morning. I sent them a message outlining my concerns and…

**Drum roll**

They cancelled my membership as requested and issued me a refund for the credit for August. All said and told, this took three days. That isn’t optimal customer service; however, this is far better than what I have been seeing on review websites. They do listen even if they are difficult to get in touch with. This took less than a week and has been fully resolved.

I’ll be a returning customer once my school days are done 🙂

What has your experience been? What is your favourite outfit from Fabletics?

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