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This is a sponsored post for the book #MomLifeInc. In exchange for the book, I was asked to write a blog post, facebook post, and an Instagram post about the book!

This is a sponsored post! Thanks to Tomoson #MomLifeInc a book purchased through http://momlifeinc.com In exchange for this book, I was to post this on instagram and Facebook to share it with you lovely people. This book takes you on a journey of how one mom made millions. At the same time, the book is preparing you for heading down your own path of business success. Being a mom is hard, but it doesn't mean you have to curtail your own desires and dreams. The chapter challenges help you slowly grow your business desires, life wishes, and plan out the steps of your business venture. There is no time like the present to grab life by the horns and dive right in. Risks are made to be taken! Large font format makes it easy to read with a wiggly baby on your hip. #sponsored #momlife #business #businessventure #entrapreneur #notimelikethepresent #tomoson #tomosonreview #youreworthit

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#MomLifeInc is a book aimed at mothers with children at any age. Moms who desire to take control of their lives through business ventures and bring in money while also raising children.

The book is entitled #MomLifeInc: 7 Essential Lessons for Building a Million-Dollar Start-Up as a Busy Momwritten by Leah Cupps, a mom who has a number of successful businesses under her belt and who has built her bank account up to a very comfortable level; a level many of us only dream about. 

Leah wrote this book in hopes of sharing her successful tips with fellow moms. She concludes every chapter with short and simple challenges that helps her readers to write down their hopes, goals, fears, and so forth. Challenges any mom can find time to do.

The book is in an easy-to-read font, which makes it easy to read, even with the squirmiest of babies in your arms. My only complaint about this book is that it is very short, but this is also a bonus as it is very easy and quick to read. There are a few punctuation errors scattered throughout the book, but overall it is a decent quality book with really empowering and motivating material inside.

You can purchase your own copy through MomLifeInc.com

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