After 13 Weeks in a Row…

I finally threw in the towel. After 13 weeks in a row of religiously taking a picture of my growing belly in the same dress, I gave up. Partly because I was too tired, partly because I felt to sick, and partly because the whole family was at home and I’m weirdly not comfortable taking selfies while others are present. Call me weird; I won’t be offended.

Friday, the day I turned 29 weeks pregnant, I was overcome with immeasurable pain in my upper jaw, which I had to suffer through for two days before the roads were clear enough for me to go to the doctor. I was diagnosed with an ear infection and sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics. My pain ranged from a 7 out of 10 to 10 out of 10 throughout the weekend and being pregnant, the only thing I was able to take for it was Tylenol.

Today, I woke up after two days of antibiotics to a manageable pain of 4 out of 10. Thank goodness! Between the pain and night time itching, I was running on very little sleep, which makes coping with little things feel like the work of a marathon. I got a solid 5 hours of sleep last night for the first time in ages. I’m still exhausted from fighting the infections and being pregnant… And potentially from intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (still waiting on bile acid results).

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