An Adventure With Hyperemesis Gravidarum

My doctor was waiting with baited teeth to see if the second trimester would bring me any relief. I’m happy to say that my acne certainly has seen some relief this week. My hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) on the other hand has kicked it up a notch.

Wednesday, I couldn’t stop vomiting and didn’t eat or drink much aside from what I choked down before throwing it up. Thursday, I ate some sushi and managed to nurse a litre of gatorade (almost two, actually). That said, and I’ll be blunt here, I peed maybe twice Thursday, both times very concentrated, very small amounts. Oh lawds!

Life Line

Complain all you want

Normally, I hate complaining. I used to be a big complainer until I realized how annoying it is to listen to others complaining (mind you, I leave this judgement at home when I am working as a nurse and I encourage the complaints – let them all out, because it’s my job t care about them, and I do!) But I definitely took to twitter and facebook during this bout. I was a prisoner of my own body and needed somewhere to vent. Texting… Oh sweet, blackberry. Oh sweet, sweet communication.

Friday, the husband made yogurt chicken, which I ate while still nursing gatorade. Amazingly, I didn’t throw it up, though I swear I was about to for a few hours there.


My only source of hydration

Today, I ate eggos for breakfast. *triumph horns sound in the distance*  Yes, two eggos! Then I had 1/4 of a foot long subway sandwich, and some animal crackers. Oh and popsicles. I seem to be okay eating popsicles, even though they make my stomach feel sour as heck right after.

I’ve discovered that I can not stomach hot foods. It has to be cold… Popsicles, cold sandwiches, cold toast, freezies, frozen yogurt, etc.

I was feeling good enough for a trip to the mall, though my body made it abundantly clear that walking wasn’t in my cards. Imagine that… I was a runner. I was a climber. I lifted weights. I was a nurse. I can barely walk without being winded now. Holy christ, what is this pregnancy doing to me?!

At the mall, we bought boob squishers as I call them (compression). I like being blunt, so I’m sorry for the information there, but pregnancy makes them hurt. I’m not sure if it’s because this is the second pregnancy, but it feels like having open wounds on my chest, so compression is awesomely nice.

Frozen Yogurt

Blueberry of Holding... Mould.

We went to one mall that has a frozen yogurt, which is delicious and on the list of “cold” foods, so I could stomach it. Go ahead and look at how succulent those frozen berries look. Yeah. They were delicious until I hit the blueberry filled with mould. ICK! Like I needed help with feeling nauseous.

Anyway. I haven’t thrown up today, although I have felt like I’m going to for the past few hours. I’ve been nursing freezies off and on as my main source of hydration since I grew sick of the gatorade smell and taste, and water makes my stomach very upset.

Hoping the next few weeks go easier…

My blood work showed that I am anemic, so I need to be put on iron. I can’t take the iron tabs my doctor prescribed me, so we’ll see what happens on Monday at my next appointment. I just wanted to share that in case I have any silly mistakes in this post… Dehydration makes thinking hard and anemia makes thinking hard. Oh and pregnancy makes thinking hard. I should be in kindergarten according to this combined “Thinking hard”… ness.

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