April 2012 Glymm Box

April Glymm Box

April 2012 Glymm Box

Initially, I was a little bummed out at this Glymm box. It’s probably because March’s box was so awesomely spectacular! I’ll have to get my March 2012 Glymm Box up soon. I’m totally slacking, aren’t I? Eek!

Anyway, after I finally got around to using the products in the box, I found that I really love the shampoo and conditioner that came with the box and the soap is pretty amazing as well. I’m not a fan of the lip gloss simply because I’m not a lip gloss girl and I recently got a lip gloss of the same shade in a previous Glymm box. Regardless, I shall cary on.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss

Mai Couture Social Gloss Lip Gloss :: Full size
$28.00 Value

This isn’t just a lip gloss, it is a treatment for aging lips. It fills in lip lines as it hydrates and smooths over with its sheer colouring. It is made with pant extracts and is boasted on being free of allergens.

I found this gloss to be super sticky, lacking colour (I received Flirtini),  and just… I don’t know. I felt like it was too obvious on my lips. Obvious to others and obvious to myself. It isn’t the kind of lip stick or gloss that you can put on and forget about. I might use this in the future as a way to dilute other stronger colours I might come into possession of down the road.




Au de Headche, Oui?

Atelier Cologne ~ Orange Sanguine :: Sample Size
$60.00 for a 30 mL bottle

I actually love citrus smells. This perfume smells like a spicy orange. A very subtle spicy orange, however, the formula of it makes the subtle smell rather overpowering and gave me a headache quickly after putting it on the first time. I have dubbed this perfume my “in the bath” scent; I will only use it diluted in bath water.

It’s a pretty decent smell, really. I guess I’m just sensitive to some perfumes.



Lucia Handmade Soap

LUCÍA Handmade Soap :: Sample Size 
$17.50 for a package of 8

I got the Ginger & Fresh Fig smell, which is pretty nice. The soap lathers and rinses off really well.

Lucía soap bars have pure botanical extracts as well as certified organic shea butter – pretty much the most fabulous butter you’d ever want to slasher onto your body. Sounds tasty when I write it out like that, doesn’t it? No? Oh…

The soap makes you smell nice and clean and it moisturizes your skin really well.

Free Your Mane

Free Your Mane

 Free Your Mane Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner :: Samples
$16.00 for 300 mL

Never have I ever gushed about or even recommended a shampoo. Never. Shampoo is shampoo… I buy whatever is on sale and just put up with it and suck it up if I don’t like it.

Then I tried these samples… and I kid you not, I freaking love the shampoo. It made my hair look, feel and smell good. I smelled like an upscale salon. I loved the smell. I was playing baseball after I used it and I kept whipping my head side to side so many pony tail would swing towards my nose and waft the smell to me… is that weird?

No it isn’t… you’re weird 🙁

I haven’t bought any products that I have received in my Glymm box, but I am actually going to splurge on this shampoo and conditioner. I’m a rebel.

Also included in April’s Glymm box was a gift certificate/coupon for $100.00 for the NuMe online store here. Unfortunately, I have a hair dryer and a quality flat iron, plus I don’t like the idea of extensions other than accents, so there isn’t anything I can use the coupon for. That said, it is still a pretty damn awesome thing to receive! I wish I could make use of it.

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