April Fools!

I’ve spent the past week making as many friends as possible. Between trips to the lake courtesy of a friend with a cabin up there; baseball tournaments, warm, summer-like weather, I’ve run into a number of really nice people. This area has a lot of very decent, friendly people in it.

Since I’ve moved more north on the Island, I’ve noticed one thing: All of the men my age that are bachelors, established with careers, and kid-friendly… Work in Alberta! What the heck!? That or they aren’t looking for a relationship. Not that I am really seeking one (I have way too much on the go to be able to establish a decent relationship). It’s just something I’ve noticed. This area seems to be a targeted area for external job offers haha

Oh and I chopped off about 14 inches of hair. It was lipping me off… What an I say? 🙂

I was going to sit down and write a long post while my kids ate their lunch, but apparently me sitting down is permission for them to play twenty questions, so I can’t think enough to write out a decent post. Consider this one a pointless filler.

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