Augh! IT BURNS! Day Two

Dinner Day Two

Yums and Noms

Well. Today could have been better. To start it off, I forgot my nausea medication this morning and felt the effects of that, but the hot soup expelling itself from my blender all over my face took my mind off of the nausea. Momentarily.

Note to all… 3/4 full is too full for hot liquids in a blender. Now to wait and see if I get blisters on my face or my left arm. Hurray!

Onto the dinner.! Status: Completed… Barely.

I hadn’t gotten around to setting the table as I was preparing to blend the soup. In my panic of flopping around the slippery floor like a dying fish, trying to get to the sink to rinse off the burning soup and prevent further burns, I amazingly did not get a chance to clean off the table to set it for tonight’s dinner. Shocking, I know! In a lovely compromise, my daughter allowed us to eat at her table.

My daughter’s table is about two feet tall and has Dora all over it. Don’t hate.

The boyfriend was working and could not join us for dinner, though he was present to see my floppy fish dramatization earlier.

Madam daughter says that the soup was good. As kids usually say about anything they help to make, just like the time she made a mustard and peanut butter sandwich. It was a good soup, though a little bland. I was going to season it up more after I was finished blending it, but my burning face distracted me. The rolls turned out amazingly! Very delicious and I’m glad the recipe made enough for me to pack away some for another dinner I had planned this week.

Back to waiting to see if my face and/or arm blisters. 😀

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