Baby, It’s Cold… Inside

Well. The day has come that our oil runs out and our furnace retires itself. Unfortunately, that was almost four days ago and I had a little miscommunication with Columbia Fuels, which lead to an incomplete delivery of sweet, sweet heat today. I was waiting for a confirmation call while I was out of town and their driver (bless his heart) showed up to try and find a cheque in the mailbox that was not there. The mailbox, I mean. We don’t have one. Woops! So no heat until tomorrow. Brr!

Unfortunately, I’m on a night shift tonight at one of my old facilities so I won’t be here to help warm up the bed.

Onto other things! Lately, I’ve been binge watching Tati on youtube and enjoying the BirchBox I received for November, which coincidentally, features Tati’s picks! And a new eyeshadow stick that Tati helped develop. I actually really like it. I’m not one for liking glamorous, shiny makeup, but it works as an awesome base. I’m more in love with the dry shampoo sample I received. Great for quick touch-me-ups for quick outings before having time to wash your hair. The shampoo is called “Living Proof Perfect Hair Day.” It’s $28.00 for a full-size, which is pretty decent. Dry shampoos aren’t the cheapest product out there.

I’ve also been watching Harris Family Journey, about a local mom and her two premie twins. Give her some love 😀

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