Back on the Budget Bandwagon

Last month, I received a tax return since I overpaid my taxes in 2010. June was a month of redemption, but I didn’t go too crazy. I probably spent around $500 on groceries last month, mind you a lot of that was stocking up on staple items that I had’t yet acquired for the new place.

July will be a strict budget month as I try to save on money for August. Since I’m not receiving any outstanding government support yet and my ex has run into hard times financially so child maintenance is in limbo, I am definitely going to tighten up the budget this month.

This month is my last month of leave. Oh my gosh. I’m sad! But more than that, I’m grateful for being able to spend almost an entire year with my new son and my daughter. I love this country 😛

I’m out of milk and cream, but I’m not sure if I’m going to run off to the store to buy some more. I might just invest in some nut milk bags and create my own milk from oats, almonds, or whatever else I might have in abundance in my cupboards.

I have enough oats to hopefully last the month. Wheat gluton to make about two more logs of seitan/wheat meat. Enough whole wheat flour to make plenty of noodles should I need to. Four jars of tomato sauce. Black beans, split peas, bread, eggs, lettuce, rice, lots of walnuts, nutritional yeast flakes… Eek. We’ll see how long I can go without a trip to the grocery store!

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