Birch Box :: March 2015


Oh yes. The best kind of mail. I love subscription boxes like these. This is my first Birch Box. Prior to this, I had tried Glymm before they sadly went out of business… And took $70 out of my pocket in the closure. D’oh! I gave up on Ipsy as the products just weren’t my cup of tea.


Trying to get free advertisement through social media… I obliged and tweeted. I’m a sucker. The back of the card has a list of items and their description.


Goodies nestled into their little sardine box.


I haven’t used this blending sponge yet. I don’t use foundation nor powder unless it’s for a special event. Live long and prosper, my large pores, uneven skin tone, and red splotches.


Leave-in Conditioner. This smells like high-end salons. At least, I think it does. I went to one once. It was glorious.


The best, easy-to-blend/smudge, and stay-on liner I’ve tried in quite some time.


Hello body cream. It smells very fragrant, which is not a good thing for me as I can’t wear this to work. I think I got high off of the fumes the first time I tried it.


Vasanti “BrightenUp” microscrub. I love anything by Vasanti. This facial cleanser is a really nice, mild one that really does brighten up your face when you use it. Love!


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