BLT Wraps, FTW

Dinner Day Four, BLT Wraps

"Pocahontas" and Cheese

So today, I got up super early to go to work for the first time in weeks. I’m not used to mornings… In fact, I am not used to falling asleep anytime before 0300 hrs. I napped for a solid 2 hours when I got home and I cannot wait for bedtime.

I just wanted to brag about my awesome nap. Too bad it felt so short!

I woke up to turkey bacon being cooked by my husband (omg, he cooks?) And the BLT wrap fixin’s all setup and ready to be served. We had a plate of romane lettuce cut into strips, turkey bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, jalapeno cheddar tortillas (of the gods), mayonaise, and tomatoes cut into delicious, juicy slices.

Not too exciting of a dinner, but I gave it a 10 out of 10 simply because all I had to do was shred cheese (and do all of the dishes before & after, of course). Food that you don’t make yourself is always sweeter.

My daughter, who has chosen the name Pocahontas for her baby and hereto forth shall be referred to as Pocahontas on this blog, was given the awesome task of setting the dinner table. She takes much pride in this… I think her and I should start doing weekly (or monthly — I’m lazy) table centerpiece crafts.


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