Butterflies, Caterpillars, and Important People

Caterpillar Friend

Caterpillar Friend

How appropriate is it that the week Aine’s student teacher takes the kindergarten class on a learning adventure surrounded by butterflies, a caterpillar would wiggle its furry body onto our doorstep? It had to have travelled what felt like one hundred concrete miles to get there.

The student teacher has been working with Aine’s class all year, off and on, throughout her schooling and practicum. Last week, the students said good bye and tears were shed. Aine’s teacher and her awesome assistant put together an amazing farewell party for the student teacher, including the hungry caterpillar-themed cupcakes, a favourite moments book drawn and written by the students, and an apron that included all the children’s handprint and self-written names. It was wonderful and extremely touching! Aine was sick that day, but I brought her in at the end of the day to say farewell and good luck to the student teacher. She will make an amazing teacher. I hope she’s hired locally so Mr. Keagan can have her as a teacher when his time comes! šŸ™‚

I can’t imagine being a school teacher, honestly. I love hanging out with kids and watching them grow and learn, but I couldn’t handle growing a connection with each kid, loving them, and then saying goodbye. It would break my heart! I’m sure it breaks theirs, too, but they have chosen such a selfless profession.

School teachers, day care providers, foster parents… I applaud the heck out of you. Happy Mother’s Important Person in Children’s Life Day!

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