Christmas Knitting… Start Early?

Super duper early? Nah. I’m going to start a list of people I need to knit for and what I’m going to knit them. I have a giant stash of wool and yarn, so financially it should be cheap… If you start knitting gifts for people and run off to buy the materials for them, it adds up incredibly fast.

It is not cheap to knit gifts… Unless you’re using up your leftovers! I’ll need to buy a few skeins, but that’s alright. Just so long as I keep my Christmas spending for everyone under a decent amount. I have to be frugal, because my husband is not. While we were struggling to pay bills last year, he insisted on buying expensive items for his family.

It’s not a wonder why we have separate bank accounts still 😉

Onto the list! Don’t click it if you don’t want to spoil any surprises.

My ever-changing list of knit Christmas items!

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