Comox Valley Welcome Wagon

If you are new to the valley, you will hopefully be setup with a Welcome Wagon gift, which includes many coupons, treats, and goodies from local vendors to help you become familiar with local businesses and opportunities.

I never got a welcome wagon initially. I was new to the valley and didn’t know anyone except for my mom when I first moved here, so when they knocked on my door I guiltily accepted a Welcome Wagon greeting a few years after I’d been here. With that said, I really haven’t done a lot of exploration of the valley, so it was a great welcome gift.

Here are a few things I received:

  • Smiley Face Stress Ball from Sun Life Financial and a card offering a complimentary review of personal life insurance coverages for mortgages, critical illnesses, and reviews of existing policies.
  • A bottle from Signature Oil & Vinegar. I’ve heard of this place from a new friend. Apparently, this company has a base in Courtenay and Campbell River. They feature fused and infused oils, specialty oils and truffles, and vinegars. The bottle is empty, but perhaps I can take it in to be filled with something delicious.
  • An information pamphlet for garbage and recycling programs in the area.
  • Acre View Dental gift cards for new patient exam and X-rays. One for me and one for a friend. I already have a dentist whom I love for my kids and myself, so this one will be saved for newer friends to the Valley if it has not yet expired.
  • A bottle of water. Fitting, given all of the boil water advisories that seem to go in effect 😉 I believe this was in the bag for the flyer for Water Pure & Simple, a company which provides bottled water services and coolers. Their flyer offers a free two week trial.
  • Chatters Beauty Supply and Salon business card with a sample of Pureology serious colour care. Also included was a card for a free gift if I bring it in and meet the staff.
  • A wine bottle with a certificate for free wine bottling at Grape Expectations. Come to mama…
  • Woofy’s Pet Foods threw in some grain-free dog treats! These will be going to my sister and mom’s dogs as we don’t have any doggies in the house. Also included is a card to bring in to Woofy’s for a free Greenies sample (canine dental chews).
  • Island Gourmet Trails. Offers various tours that allow you to explore the foods, winery, and other food stuff around the Island. I’m pretty excited about this one. The included gift certificate is good for a free appetizer or entree tour if I can round up 4 people to come along with me, or 25% off if I just bring myself.
  • A welcome wagon business card for welcoming babies.
  • Daryl Robbins Notary Public pamphlet for services such as writing wills, powers of attorney, representation agreements, and health care directives. That’s actually some pretty important stuff. Also included was a chocolate bar. That’s how you get customers, let me tell you.
  • A pamphlet-style menu for Sushi Centre (250-871-7181). Also included is a card that asks to bring it in for a free gift.
  • Heart & Sole mobile foot care nurse coupon for $10 off. A good service for elderly or disabled persons, especially those with diabetes that require foot nail trimming, callous care, and so forth.
  • Map of the Comox Valley
  • A coupon for four free potted plants from Anderton Nursery, LTD.
  • A welcome wagon pamphlet which includes a detailed listing of all of their sponsors.
  • A gift certificate for Sunnydale Golf Club: 9 holes of golf. This expires in November. I better get a move on!
  • Free oil change certificate from Brian McLean Chevrolet, Buick, and GM dealer. Unfortunately, this one has already expired and I will not be able to use it. D’oh!
  • Free oil change & Filter certificate from Comox Valley Nissan… No expiration date. Uh oh, looks like competition for you, Brian. 😮
  • Comox Valley Animal Hospital has graciously included a free doctor visit for pets. That’s pretty darn stellar.
  • Co-Op Gas Bar & Convenience store + 24 HR Co-Op Card Lock certificate for a ten dollar gift card.
  • Eden Therapy for registered massage therapy. Eden Therapy offers RMT, Yoga, and Pilates. The gift certificate is for 20% RMT treatment. As a nurse, I really ought to take advantage of this.
  • Coastal Community Eye Care Centres. This place is now known as FYiDoctors.  “Bring this card in for your free gift.” I think my stepson is currently at that place right now with his dad getting some contacts. I should have sent them with this card!
  • RBC Dominion Securities. I can bring this card in for Lara Austin to review my portfolio or to see which services they can offer me.
  • Free hearing test from NexGen Hearing.
  • An offer for a phone call consultation for a “Personal Planning Guide” for funerals from Piercy’s Mt. Washington Funeral Home.
  • A card from the Great Canadian Oil Change for $10 off any oil change. No expiration date. Also included was a branded plastic bag.

That’s it for part one. Part Two is recreational guides and services included in the welcome wagon package. Lots of goodies! If you are new to the valley, please make sure that you get in touch with the Welcome Wagon. If you know someone who has just moved here, ensure that they are on the Welcome Wagon’s radar!

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