Day Three Completed

Day Three of twenty One Days

Top Photo Credit: Le Daughter

I was fully loaded with good energy today, so I spic-n-spanned the kitchen and blasted through a bunch of laundry. T’was good.

Tonight’s dinner was the Baked Lemon Pasta, which was amazing. It was so good I’ve already reheated and ate leftovers in bed. Oh yes… I’m a rebel.

Daughter wasn’t too impressed… She loves eating lemons raw, but apparently the sauce being white instead of the red/tomato based sauce she’s grown accustomed to, turned her off from even trying it. Total bummer, because I know she would have just loved it!

The potato rolls went with it alright… They were tasty, but I think a garlic bread would have been a much better choice.

I forced the man to sit at the table with us… I’m cruel, so I told him he must separate from his laptop as well. Even though he has a lot of work to do, family is important and dinner time is pretty much the only time we are all together… Hence why I’m making a big deal out of it!

My daughter was an awesome helper in the kitchen. Her specialties include adding salt to water for the noodles, stirring (she’s a pro), and sprinkling parmesan cheese & parsley over the pasta. Actually, she did a pretty perfect job of sprinkling the cheese evenly. I was thoroughly impressed. Go4-year-old, go!

She also helps set the table and takes pictures, which is why some of the photos you will see on here are of a different quality.

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