Days 6, & 7 :: C-c-c-ombo Breaker

I can’t find my camera, so no pictures for you!

Unrelated to the dinners/current challenge, I have been unsuccessful in getting orientated to my new job thus far. I threw up on my first day, then remained a lovely shade of white for an hour afterward. On my second day, I couldn’t make it in as I was up all night the previous night essentially waiting to throw up.

Such is the life of hyperemesis gravidarum. Man, I love that word. It’s like morning sickness on crack. I had morning sickness with my first born, but it was nothing compared to this!

Back to the dinners.

Day 6 ::  Pancakes? Nope!

This was a lazy day, so all I really “made” for dinner was reheated mashed potatoes and canned beans with buttered bread. Hearty, yes?

It was supposed to be pancakes tonight, but my daughter and I had pancakes and frozen yogurt for lunch earlier!

We sat around my daughter’s table again since there is more laundry on our kitchen table. I’ve been on a bit of a laundry blitz this past week. I need help, though… Too much work not enough energy!

Day 7 :: Rice balls and gyozas

The gyozas turned out awesome. They were delicious! I don’t tend to enjoy food while I’m on a low with my HG, but these were definitely good. The rice balls never came around. I made sticky rice, essentially. We wolfed down the meals as we surrounded the living room table since I was on my way out for a very calm climbing session. I didn’t last long.

Alright, alright. I try to avoid complaining too much, but I’m overwhelmed with this sickness and how it is running my personal and my professional life. After two days of being off sick leave, I will likely have to return to sick leave.  Might be time to start looking for some online jobs.

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