December Glymm Box!

December Glymm Box

December Glymm Box

Just a note to those wondering where their Glymm boxes are or who will be wondering where their January Glymm Box is, remember that they don’t ship out until the week of the 10th. Keep your email address up to date as they will send you an email with a tracking number once the box is on its merry way!

I liked this month’s Glymm Box. It included one sample size, one travel size, and two full size products as well as some delicious jelly belly jelly beans. Nom! Red and white, of course.

Ahava Hand Lotion

Ahave Hand Lotion

Ahava Hand Lotion :: Travel Size 20 mL  (0.68 fl.oz) 

Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream. Fancy! Yes. I do fancy. The description on the lotion states that it is a luxuriously rich hand cream that drenches your skin in velvety smoothness. I concur. It is approved for sensitive skins.

I can’t lie, this hand lotion reminds me of senior women. It has a very light, musk/parfume to it. It works really well at moisturizing your hands, though. The light formula absorbs nicely and actually doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind like many claim to be able to do.

Ahava’s light formula and not-overpowering scent has earned itself a spot inside my purse. It came just in time for my winter skin’s dry appearance and will play an important role in my skin’s health once I return to nursing. If you know anyone in health care, you know that moisturizing creams are their best friend since they are washing their hands constantly and battling dry, cracking skin! Last minute stocking stuffer you say? Why, yes. That’s a great idea 😉

Natural Lip Gloss

Sula Natural Lip Gloss

Sula Natural Lip Gloss :: Full Sized in “Come Find Me”

I’m not much of a lipstick or lip gloss fan simply because I am too sloppy of a person to pull it off. I always lick my lips and I always have a cup of coffee in my hands! That said, this stuff is made from natural ingredients, smells sweet, and tastes delicious… Which doesn’t do much for my lip licking habit, I must say.

My daughter’s review, “It tastes like cherry.”


Parisienne ~ YSL

Parisienne ~ YSL

Parisienne Eau De Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent :: 0.25 fl.oz. 7.5 mL

The scent is musky as well, sort of an “older” smell. The box it came in is nicely designed in the colours that my daughter loves. So that’s a plus. haha

I’m not much of a parfume wearer, though there are times where I’d like to smell nice. Since I work in health care and my sister has a mad allergy to most parfumes, I never really got into them. Regardless, I gave the parfume a shot.

Parisienne smells sweet. I’m not good at determining what smells are what, but my guess is that there is a lot of floral inspiration in this mixture. It has a mild sweetness to it. The smell is quite gentle, but at the same time, the formula is very strong. A small dot goes a long way.

Unfortunately, the smell is strong enough to elicit a headache in myself. Perhaps, I’ll try adding a drop to a large load’s rinse cycle and see what happens 😛

Claudalie Enzymatic Peel

Claudalie Enzymatic Peel

Caudalíe Vinoperfect :: 3mL (0.1 fl.oz)

My favourite product of this month’s box! An enzymatic peel masque developed for all skin types. I’ve used this once since receiving it in the mail and that was enough to sell me on the product itself. I’m very tempted to go ahead and buy the full sized version. The masque is made in France and, as you may have guessed from the name, has enzymes in it developed to remove the top layer of dead, dry skin to reveal new, healthier looking skin.

The mask is used on clean skin for 10 minutes, then rinsed. I used it once and my skin very noticeably improved. I spent a good 5 minutes in the mirror just examining my skin, admiring how smooth and soft it looked. I am a far cry away from having even skin tones, but my pores took a hike. This product has taken a permanent spot in my beauty arsenal 😀


Like the idea of getting a box full of beauty products each month? Like the idea of having a mini Christmas each month? Sign up or gift a Glymm Box today! 


Also, Jelly Beans! NOM!  Red and White in the spirit of Christmas 🙂

Jelly Beans!

Jelly Beans! "Sweet!"








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