Eating as a Family… Day One

Day one of dinner challenge

The beast and her feast

I almost bailed on this today. I was up all night throwing up, then had to take our poor Mr. Bubbs to the vet to get neutered (see previous post) . I was tired, cranky as heck, and nauseous all day.

I somehow managed to get up the energy to go grocery shopping, which went really well… Groceries for each dinner this week totalled $47.00 — rounded up. I did not, however, find any Mirin for the gyozas, so the budget will remain open for the time being!

Tonight’s dinner was the Pantry Pasta a ‘la ThePioneerWoman as I had posted on our blog entry outlining the meals that have been planned. Verdict? Damn tasty. It was really, really delicious! I love olives! Nom, nom, nom. The daughter liked it, The boyfriend liked it, I liked it, and our poor, groggy dog even seemed interested.

It was a tough job getting this all done in time… The kitchen table had been used as my laundry folding table, so the beast and I put laundry away, stocked up the dishwasher, ran it, then stocked it again, and did a few laundry loads… I sound like Martha Stuart, but really I’m a very crappy house girlfriend. Technically, I work part to full time, but I’m on sick leave, so I’ll consider myself a house ‘wife’/stay at home mommy until I start making a penny outside of collecting the change fallen behind couch cushions.

Motivation is hard to keep, but it was more than worth it. My daughter really enjoyed it!

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