Eating as a Family

My first challenge is an easy one… Or, so I hope! Sit around a dinner table and eat dinner as a family for 21 days in a row without ordering take out!

Status: Failed!  Reason: Hyperemesis gravidarum.


  • Dinner must be home made.
  • Can be leftovers.
  • All family members present in the house must seat at the table at the same time to eat dinner.
  • Eating out is permitted, so long as it remains a family gathering around a table.
  • No skipping any nights!
  • Skipping of a night will reset the 21 day count to zero.  (eek!)

Documentation Goals:

  • Picture of dinner before serving.
  • Links to recipes (if used) in journal posting.
  • Estimated cost of dinner, or money spent per week on groceries.

Twenty One Days of Eating as a Family commences on…

February 7th, 2011

Week one planning – Complete.

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