Fabletics: Who’s Tried It?

Fabletics is a company co-founded by Kate Hudson, which offers unique combinations or single clothing items designed for life with sports. Yoga, running, and sports attire including sweaters, wraps, tank tops, sports bras, yoga pants, tights, shorts, and crops.

I’ve placed my first pick with 50% off and am anxiously awaiting its arrival in the mail. I have heard from a few friends so far who say that their tights and pants are made of thick fabric, akin to the older Lululemon pants. Lululemon yoga pants used to be the best you could get, but their quality has gone way downhill since they’ve outsourced their production.

Once upon a time, Lululemons were the yoga pant to buy, but now their fabric is made of a thinner material that no longer offers the “butt lift” they once provided. The fabric apparently pills very easily now and their length, according to hundreds of reviews, varies widely, even within the same cut and style.

That all said, I look forward to trying out the Fabletics clothing!

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