Failure! Post is pretty much just HG talk

Okay, so I don’t want to call it an out-right failure. I tried my hardest, I really did, but my sickness overcame me this week and I was unable to continue on with this particular habit. I’ll have to re-evaluate the habits I chose and select one that doesn’t require me moving much… Or at all.

Tuesday night, I had a night shift orientation at my new workplace. Instead of sleeping Wednesday morning as any normal night shift worker would do, I was curled up in a fetal position on the bathroom floor, throwing up 2-3 times every hour for a good 10 hour streak. After that, I was unable to eat or drink anything without throwing up.

The day carried forward, even though I did not, and I honestly don’t even remember if there was a dinner that day. I was quite delirious by the time the day had ended. I had to use three of my “emergency only” medications (category “I don’t know” pregnancy drugs) to get the vomiting under control and I was still left unable to eat or drink much.

I almost went to the hospital for rehydration, but I really hate waiting in the ER, so I opted out of it and just chugged water between throwing up. It’s pretty morbid to drink or eat something knowing full well that you will be throwing it up soon enough.

The next day, I scarfed down corn pops and grape juice, then promptly threw it up. Thursday, I believe this was. Although I was no longer vomiting, I couldn’t eat much of anything. If I recall, I nursed a litre of gatorade all day and was able to eat cold toast later in the day… I seem to only be able to eat cold stuffs.

We ended up ordering sushi food… Sue me, I love sushi. I ate a bit, then felt like I was going to throw it up for the rest of the night! Score.  Used another emergency medication since I couldn’t take my oral medication.

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