Finally Finished a Blanket

I’ve made socks, hats, scarfs, sweaters, dish cloths… Yet, I had not yet made a blanket. Until today! Huzzah!

I finally finished the baby blanket I had started in February… I would have finished it sooner, but Entrelac is such a slow knit that I continually put it down only to pick it back up a few weeks later. I don’t think I will be attempting another entrelac pattern for quite some time. The effect is very awesome looking and the end product is totally worth the tediousness of the pattern, but my golly is it ever slow.

I made the blanket far too slender width-wise, but I made it as long as I felt it needed to be… It should be long enough to fit baby when he or she is tucked atop my chest as we snuggle into the recliner <3

Unfortunately, I don’t have a finished product photo just yet — I still need to do the finishing on it (sewing in the wool ends), so to tide you over here is a picture of my 30 weeks pregnant, just a few hours shy of 31 weeks. Close to a baby blanket, isn’t it? Close enough?

30 Weeks Pregnant

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