First Day is Done

I finished my first day of school today. I was so nervous to enter into the classroom, but not because it was my first day or because I was returning to school after a long absence, but because I was entering into a program where everyone had already had 1.5 years to establish bonds with one another. What a relief it was to enter into the classroom and have the group as a whole be so welcoming and warm to myself and the other two LPNs that joined in through the bridge-in program.

As far as I know, the bridge-in program was temporarily halted… Don’t quote me on this, but we were discussing how many people had actually gotten a seat so far. One person got in last year and three of us joined this year. To remind you, we only enter into the program when a seat opens up due to someone dropping out voluntarily or failing out. There were more than a dozen of us that passed through the bridging-in courses in 2014 and only four of us have gone through so far.

Anyway! It was a good experience. We discussed Ethics and delved into what exactly that entails. It is a tricky thing to define as it is motivated by morals, which I always defined as personal values and beliefs.

I have… quite a few chapters from a handful of textbooks to read, already. Holy gosh! I was expecting this experience to be difficult, but I was really not prepared for the amount of work that was actually going to come with it. I’m talking 3 hours of reading each day, plus daily assignments, plus essays, all on top of full-time attendance in a classroom or practical placement. Whew!

Funny enough, my practicum placement happens to be at where I recently got a temporary job at. I haven’t been orientated there, yet I will be in a practicum placement there. I laughed a lot when I learned that. hehe

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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