Frugal Food : Homemade Sandwich Bread… Mini Loafs

Mini Bread Loafs

Mini Bread Loafs!

Here’s an awesome way to save money and make something fun for your kids… Or yourself… Or for a party… Or just because, damn it!

I started making bread last month to try and save some money. So far, I am in love with the recipe for sandwich bread found here. I use yeast that I bought from costco and was using all-purpose flour since it was cheapest at the time of purchase.

Healthy minded, I am not.

I made the dough and divided into two parts after the first rise. I then turned one into a single big loaf, and took the other part and divided it in half again, and again, then gently formed them into loafs into the mini loaf pans (see picture above) and allowed them to rise for about an hour… Or at least until they reached the height that I was wanting.

Bake them up, remove them from the pan, and awe at how darn cute they are!

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