Getting Stronger for the Summer

My gym plan went down the drain fairly quickly. I’m still going as much as I can, but I found my schedule conflicting with being a parent and working (evenings and night shifts mainly). Add to that a cold that just won’t go away and I missed quite a few days.

It’s weird starting at the bottom with the weights. Once upon a time, I was up to 145 lbs squats while I weighed 130 lbs. I had previously started at body weight (meaning 0 lbs, not 145 lbs thrown over my shoulders as I was referencing in the last sentence) due to bad knees. So, after too long out of the gym, I started with just the bar. 45 lbs. OH YEAH! Felt so hard core. After a break for the cold I suffered, I was able to do 85 lbs, which isn’t too bad. It’s an improvement at the very least.

Current 5 rep maxes:

  • Squats: 85 lbs
  • Bench press: 65 lbs (lol!)
  • Bent-over Rows: 70 lbs
  • Arnold Press: 50 lbs
  • Deadlifts: 95lbs
  • Pull-ups: 3
Well. Yes, I’m weak. I’m working on it, at least 🙂  The deadlifts should certainly be higher, but I can’t put too much strain on my back at that angle with my hips misaligned as they are currently (I have an anterior tilt on the right side and either a posterior or neutral tilt on the left side of my pelvis. Old SI injury from my last pregnancy).
I love the gym. Not only does it feel great when the workout is over, I have more energy for the remainder of the day, I feel more motivated, it’s time I specifically spend on myself, and it is making me stronger. It’s only a side-effect that I might end up looking better. Looks are the least of my motivational factors, which I think really helps with the motivation: Motivate yourself with lifestyle goals (energy, strength, health, etc.) rather than looks. You can feel the improvements before you can see them!  

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