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Through Tomoson, I was given a discount to purchase “Glow Stars Supernova” for a pretty penny in return for writing up this review and sharing images of the product. I got these Glow Stars for my son’s room and purchased them off of

To start, I want to say that we moved into this rental house a little over two years ago. My daughter’s room had star and planet stickers all over the ceiling when we moved into the house and removing them proved to be too big of a pain in the arms (bet you thought I was about to say something else!) That I gave up and just left them up there. Unfortunately, these star stickers’ edges are all peeling away just enough that when I go to clean off any spider webs, pieces of hair or what-have you from my broom bristles stick to the darn stickers and I’m just left irritated having replaced a spiderweb with a long hair from the broom. I’m not sure which is worse.

For the record, these are not the same Glow Stars that I am writing a review on, rather, they are the kind of stickers I will go out of my way to avoid in the future. Also, for the record, there are dozens of spiders all over the place, especially in the summer when we start cutting back the bushes and mowing the lawn after letting it grow out over the winter and wet spring. The spiders like to take solace in our home after we do that. The joys <3

Back to the product at hand; the Glow Stars Supernova, made by Addie and Emma’s. Unlike traditional glowing star stickers, these aren’t stickers. I’ll let you take a moment to let that sink in. Instead, these stars are made of a non-toxic photo-luminescent plastic and come in a package with three different sizes. To affix them to your walls, ceiling, or other surfaces, you use a small amount of the included putty on the back of your chosen star, then apply the star to the surface of your choice.

Addie and Emma's Glow Stars in the Light

Addie and Emma’s Glow Stars in the Light

Benefits of the putty

At first, I thought this was silly, but after using it and thinking about it, I really love the putty idea:

  • No residue left when you remove the star from the surface
  • Makes the plastic stars reusable
  • Makes removal quick and easy
  • Use as much or as little as you want — more if you want the star to come off the ceiling for added effect, for example
  • Leaves your hands clean and not sticky after application
  • Much easier to use than the alternative of picking at corners of star stickers

As someone who rents their home, I really appreciate how these stars are reusable, so when it’s time to move, we can simply take the stars off of the ceiling that we’ve used them on, place them into the included mesh carry case, and take them to our new home. Added bonus is that there won’t be peeled, stained, or ripped paint that we have to fix before we move out. Plus, we won’t be leaving stickers behind like our home’s previous tenants *ahem*

Onto the Stars, Themselves

The stars that are included in this package of 200 stars come in a variation of sizes: 1″, 1.5″, and 2″. They also include a constellation guide, though it only includes a handful of constellations… Leo was included, so I can’t complain.

Charging up our glow stars for our night-time reveal

Charging up our glow stars for our night-time reveal

These stars are made in a way that they really do glow-in-the-dark much brighter than other glow-in-the-dark items I’ve seen. I’d say they are pretty darn close to the strength and intensity of a glow stick. Mind you, a glow stick only lasts a few hours and is a one-time-use item, whereas these glowing stars will hold a charge for around 15 hours and are rechargeable, using direct light.

Enough a glow that it's easily captured with a quick shutter speed

Enough of a glow that it’s easily captured with a quick shutter speed

In the above picture, you can see how the charge is made and held: The stars at the bottom are directly above the light source, whereas the ones further away are further from the source.

The Nitty Gritty

Although these stars are amazing in the dark, they are very obvious in the daytime, so when you are placing them, you have to ensure that they look good on the surface that you choose as unlike other glow-in-the-dark products that are similar, these are very obvious and very green. A small price to pay for the intensity of the glow, however!

The constellation guide does only include a few constellations, but for the price you pay for this product, it’s hard to complain about not getting a full-fledged constellation guide.

For us, the putty ran out before the stars did. This is not because there wasn’t enough putty to use included, but rather my kids had chosen to use very big sections of the putty rather than small portions, which would have been easily preventable had I been in the room with them when they started their astronomy endeavor.

The customer service from Addie and Emma’s was phenomenal. Very fast and friendly responses!

Judging from the excitement my 5-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter had in putting these stars up, I’m positive these will be accompanying us to any new home we might find ourselves in 🙂

If this product sparks your interest, take a look at the item on

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