Gold River

We are packing up to head out to Gold River. It was supposed to be a kid-free weekend, but the kiddos’ dad is packing up his house in preparation to move on Tuesday, so he had to cancel his visitation weekend. Fair enough! My little lady will be staying with her best friend/my little sister and my mom. My little guy will be coming camping for the baseball retreat. It will be interesting trying to entertain a 2.5-year-old while camping beside a river and playing numerous baseball games.

I had planned on being irresponsible and drinking a bunch since I get two weekends like this per year, but this will now be a super responsible weekend where I will be stressing out over the well-being of my little guy. I guess it’s par for the course of being a parent. I just wish I could cancel without bailing on my teammates since I haven’t had time to think of nor prepare toddler activities. Ack!

I’m sure the memories I gather will be ones I will laugh hysterically at later on in life, especially as I share them with my little guy’s future romantic interests. Aw yes.

I have two days to figure out some frugal toddler camping activities! I’m also looking to see what knitting projects I can bring along with me and what kind of photographs I’ll be able to take this time.

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