Gym Progress

Ha! Haha! I have gone to the gym two or three times this month, I think. Between baseball and working shifts that don’t really allow time for it, it’s been difficult.

We went to Quadra Island for their annual baseball tournament, which was filled with lots of laughs, baseball, blistering hot sun, and a return ferry line up that was way too long.

Anyway, at my last gym session, I slowed down on the squats as my knees were aching from all the baseball games I’ve played this month. I play in the field, usually, so I am often running and sprinting, pivoting, turning, and what-have-you. They are also having big issues attempting to steer the medcarts we have at one of my work places: It does not go in a straight line, it is big, bulky, and heavy, and a lot of people tend to walk right in front of you, not realizing the amount of force that is required to actually stop the darn thing. My favourite cart is the one that doesn’t have steering brakes (none of the steering brakes actually work at this particular location) but does have a parking brake… On the wheel that doesn’t touch the ground. haha Cracks me up 😛

I went off on a tangent there… Gym. I started focusing on my glutes, so my routine consisted of straight leg dead lifts, weighted hip thrusts (70 lbs, oh my gosh… Brutal. Really good work out for the glutes), and to maintain a good balance of muscle, I hopped on the treadmill for some up-hill action, and finished with an attempt on the spin bike. My quads were not having any of that, though. I lasted 7 minutes.

My favourite breakfast at the moment is Oatmeal made with large flake oats & water, then mixed with 1% cottage cheese, and loaded with Sriracha sauce. I can’t get enough of that stuff.

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