Gym Time: Bubble Butts Don’t Need Be Genetic

Ahhh. I turned 30 in August. My ass turned 30 in January. Oh the horror! Actually, it’s likely to do with my sloth-like behavior in the winter and the few days a week of palm bay drinks on the deck with my man. Skinny fat. I’m skinny fat. I digress as this post is about butts and improving them.

Best Exercises to Shape Your Ass/Butt/Heiny/Backside

  1. Hip Thrusts!
  2. Deadlifts (emphasis on the stiff-legged/Romanian deadlifts)
  3. Squats, squats, squats, squats, squats
  4. Maybe… Bulgarian Split Squats

Hip Thrusts

 Nothing says awkward like placing a barbell across your pelvis and doing a humping motion in the air at the gym. Always, always make eye contact while performing hip thrusts. Don’t be like duckman, you can’t put your palms down and thrust your pelvis, hwaahhh. These are performed with your legs on the ground in front of you with your shoulders on a bench behind you. Lift up and squeeze those butt muscles! 


Oh heck yes. Study the living heck out of the proper form before attempting. Master your form before increasing your weights. This is a great exercise for your glutes, hamstrings, lower back muscles, and so forth. So long as you do it right.

Here is one of the best videos to take a look at a deadlift. Alan Thrall is a king among peasants (god among kings?) with his lifting videos. Subscribe!


Never underestimate the awesomeness of the squat. I prefer the lowbar back squats. My favourite. Not only do you feel like a hardcore boss while nailing them; it looks kinda cool, and it works out your core, your butt, your quads, your everything below the neck, essentially. If I had to pick one exercise to keep me in shape for the rest of my life, it would be the squat.

Again, I point you to an Alan Thrall video on how to squat.

Split Leg Bulgarian Squats

In general, I don’t like recommending exercises that would put any force on the knee that could lead to supportive ligament tears. But here ya go. I don’t do this, but they certainly target your butt muscles like mad.


Eat well. Exercise regularly. Remember that you cannot spot train to reduce fat… But you sure can spot train to produce muscle. Protein, protein, protein.

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