Happy Father’s Day… And a Celery Update

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there who have stuck around through all the hard times and happy times!

A little update on my regrowing celery experiment. It was going well… The celery looked green; the leafs growing bigger. It was going to be glorious. But now… Now? It’s gone. Some bastard ate it. Boooo-urns!! I’m guessing it was a racoon because the fencing here is too daunting for a deer to have jumped over, plus the hill on the other side of the fence.

Well, racoon. I hope you’re happy. I hope that celery tasted of my love and delicious sweat and tears which I poured over it, helping it to grow. As Stephen Colbert would say, I’m giving you the a wag of the finger. You little stinker! haha

Some-what related… I don’t think those were pepper plants that I posted about in my last gardening update post. The leafs have changed from pepper-looking to parsley… What.

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