I am Obsessed, Yes?

If you know me at all, you know that I am fully obsessed with containers. Specifically, I love Bento boxes! Bento! Oh, love of my life <3

So far, I’ve owned laptop lunch boxes, various rubbermaid containers, multiple tupperware containers, and a goodbyn box thingy. I’m happy to announce that earlier this week, I received  glorious box in the mail. The contents were god-like and fabulous. To me, only… I’m sure.

I ordered my very first bento boxes from http://www.iloveobento.com/. The full order included two bento boxes, sauce containers, egg molds (mm, hardboiled eggs), and divider walls for sectioning off foods. Specifically, I ordered the Little Cottage Onigri box and the My Monkey box. Both are quite a lot smaller than I was hoping for, but I’m still thrilled to have them.

My Amazing Fabulous, Awesome Loot

I’ll be using them for Pocahontas‘ lunches when she starts Kindergarten this September. I’ll have to stick with my Thermos brand Nissan Food Container. Damn, I should be throwing in some affiliate links here or something.

The Thermos container I linked above is pretty awesome for those of us that try to eat healthy while at work or school. Back during the weight lifting stint, I packed it full of goodness. Pack the meal the night ahead and pop it into the fridge overnight. It would stay cold for at least seven hours, so you could pack otherwise iffy items like cottage cheese and hard boiled eggs.  Slap in some spinach and almonds and enjoy the noms.


PS Apologies for the crappy pictures. My camera currently is only functioning/focusing while in Macro mode. I’m not trying to be artistic 🙁

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