Induction Scheduled

It is official, I will be induced sometime at the end of this month or in early April due to my diagnosis of Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy. Crazy. I’ve had two spontaneous deliveries so this is new territory for me. I’m doing the best I can to make sure that I am prepared for this mentally. I have already powered through the book, “Birth Partner,” and will once again be nose-deep in Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. The latter played a crucial role in preparing me for labor last time and I credit it a lot with my willingness to take labor head-on without being afraid of the pain.

So far, I am drinking raspberry leaf tea, eating pineapple like it’s going out of style, and eating 4 medjool dates per day. I know there’s no scientific evidence backing the use of those things, but it gives me a crunchy peace of mind that I’m doing what I can to prepare my body for an early labor. I’m also trying to spend time on my yoga ball, but it is getting difficult on account of my SPD resurfacing as well as muscle pain around my hips.

I’m enjoying morning sickness once more and have barely managed to keep food down today–just enough food and fluids that I am not concerned about my health. Just a little defeated that it has come back for the second day in a row. I also have had a resurgence of upper jaw pain from around where my root canal is (circa February partial root canal of a previously filled cavity). All good things come in pairs, right? Insomnia to boot… So insomnia, incredibly intense heart burn, symphysis pubis dysfunction, nausea and vomiting; jaw bone pain… The universe truly loves me! 😀

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