January 16, Monday Motivation: My To Do List


I really can’t believe we are already half-way through January. Last week, I once again fell behind on quite a few things due to my symphysis pubis dysfunction becoming far too disabling. Fortunately, I was able to get into my chiropractor and my SPD has been downgraded to pelvic girdle pain. Yas!


  • Video: Maternity Monday
  • Physiotherapist appointment! First one 🙂
  • Brainstorm Pinterest items to test out for another collaboration!
  • Early dinner to send SS off to football well-fed
  • New furnace being installed; no heat to the house


  • Tidy Tuesday: Tackle the bathrooms
  • Glucose Test and other blood tests


  • Chiropractor appointment
  • Basketball for SS
  • File paperwork


  • Midwife appointment and weigh-in… Care to take a guess how much I’ve gained? Stay tuned for next Monday’s Maternity Monday video to see the answer!
  • Game night with my daughter and her dad


  • Hockey for the youngest 😀


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