Let My Doggy Live With Us! hehe

I never thought it would be so hard to find a place to rent. I am pretty restricted for a few reasons: My kids and a 100 pound dog.

Originally, I was going to allow my estranged husband to keep my labrador retriever, sort of as a peace offering. Something to hold onto at night that would love him, but I had to go back on my offer since he is currently exploring the world and I don’t feel it’s fair to our sensitive pooch. I feel like a total wanker in this situation, but it was necessary… I think. I hope. I feel terrible. What kind of a person takes their dog back? :S

Anyway, I think it’s best for the kids and I to have a strong pup to watch over us once we are out on our own!

Lots of landlords seem to allow “small” dogs in this area, but not too many allow big dogs. This is the issue I keep running into. It upsets me mostly because Charlie is such a good dog: He rarely barks, he doesn’t scratch at the door, he doesn’t have accidents in the house, he is never outside unattended, and he is crate trained. The only potential issue with him is on hardwood floor: He might scratch it up a bit, but that can also be dealt with by keeping his nails trimmed regularly.


I am trying my hardest to keep a positive attitude, but it’s getting harder and harder.

There’s my mini-rant of the day. Haha!

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