Keurig Review… By a Tassimo User

Keurig Coffee Maker & Carousel

Keurig Coffee Maker & Carousel

For Christmas, Santa was kind enough to bring me a Keurig coffee maker. I had been pining for one for about a year. I had long grown tired of the Tassimo for a few reasons, including its limited brand support, inability to reuse the T-disks, and its expensiveness.

The Keurig is about as expensive with regards to the initial purchase and the cost of the coffee. The Keurig, however, has a perk here: You can buy the “My K-Cup” which allows you to use your own coffee in it. The downside to this solution is that you have to take the time to put everything together as you would with a normal coffee maker. Putting in the water, putting in the filter after rinsing it, adding coffee, then brewing. One of the reasons people like this style of coffee maker is because you just pop in a K-cup and go! Add water as needed, but it’s still simple as heck.

On the other hand! haha ahhh… My-Kap makes cheap alternatives so that you can purchase many and fill up as many K-Cups as you want so that you can use your own coffee grounds and still have the benefit of an easy cup-o-joe in the morning.

I have the Mini B-20 brewer, which is the cheapest of the brewers (thanks, Santa) and also the smallest. It holds water for one cup at a time.

No room for travel mugs

No room for travel mugs here...

Faults/Cons of the B-20 Keurig brewer:

  • It only holds water for one cup
  • It isn’t tall enough for a travel mug, even when the cup platform is removed
  • It does not have a removable water tank
  • Coffee is expensive
  • Takes a little longer than the tassimo to brew
Pros/Good things 😀
  • Doesn’t take up much space on the counter
  • Brews boiling hot coffee
  • Coffee is delicious
  • Brews quicker than a normal coffee maker
  • Lots of brand support/different variations of coffee, hot and cold drinks, and teas.
  • Quick and easy to use
Keurig versus Tassimo… The Keurig blows the Tassimo out of the water in my opinion. The keurig has more brand support, more options (K-cup, My-Kap, etc.) for accessories, you can use your own coffee grounds (cheaper), the coffee is hotter so it keeps longer and produces a better brew. Although the Keurig takes a little longer to make its coffee and the particular one I have cannot fit a travel mug underneath it, I much prefer the Keurig to the Tassimo. 

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