Knitting Update

So, my current projects are a sweater for my daughter… Which will likely be outgrown before I even finish at the rate I’m going! I lost my smallest cable needle and thus put it on hold. A few months ago. A baby blanket is also in the works; It is an entrelac pattern and man does it take forever! So… Tedious.

I’ve also started a crochet baby blanket, which is pretty quick to work with, but as a noob to crocheting, I’m sure I have plenty of errors in my project that I am not aware of.

For my entrelac baby blanket, I am using The Basic Entrelac Scarf pattern.

Entrelac Blanket

Entrelac Blanket

For the Sweater, I am using the Cricket Pullover pattern, generously offered for free!

Cricket Pullover

Cricket Pullover Sweater

The crochet baby blanket I am working on — as my first (or I guess second?) attempt at crocheting — is using the pattern, “Octagon Baby Blanket” also offered for free via I did mess up the first 12 rows by using a half double crochet instead of a double crochet… Too lazy to frog it at the moment, so I’ll just continue with it and see how it goes 🙂

Tonight I work a night shift, and I am thinking I might start on a baby hat. I’ve already knit one in pink using a swirled rib pattern, but I think I am going to knit two Avaiatrix hats: one in green and the other in a pink/purple multi colour!

Newborn baby hat

Soon to be a newborn hat

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