Lego Advent Calendar

Lego Advent Calendar

Hide ya kids, hide ya wife

This year, my daughter’s father spoiled her with a lego advent calendar — these bad boys clock in at just under $40.00 a piece and includes 24 days of new lego pieces! We are on day 19 and the calendar has certainly been more than worth the fat wad of cash that it costs.

The calendar started off December 1st with a lego thief… Because that’s the spirit of Christmas! Right?

This is a pretty good alternative to advents filled with sugary sweets. It gives your kid (or grown man) a new toy to play with each day, which keeps them entertained for a good while and helps them to use their imagination — something that is dying off in the newer generations.

So far, we have opened the calendar to see two lego thiefs, two lego policemen complete with handcuffs, a catapult, Christmas tree, presents, cop car, cop station (4 walls, spanned across 4 non-sequential days), campfire, lasso with lego fish, a skateboard, an eskimo lego man, police investigation table, and a coffee table for the police station.

Instead of Christmas gifts next year, I am going to buy early and get my nephews each a lego advent calendar 😀  Hard to get past the price, but once you do they are certainly worth the pretty penny.

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