Life Update

As always, I’ve been pretty darn busy. Currently, I’ve stepped down as the PAC Secretary for my daughter’s school because working casually just doesn’t afford me the luxury of planning ahead. Casual work is essentially getting a phone call a few minutes before the shifts start and being asked to come in at 7:00 AM, 3:00 pm, or 11:00 pm for 8 hour shifts… Usually. Sometimes the shifts are 5 hours long (short shift). It’s very hard to swing if you haven’t slept appropriately for the indicated shift. Especially those night shifts. And especially on night shifts where there is a one hour commute home after you’ve finished working them. Dangerous without adequate sleep.

Sometimes I will go days without getting a call and sometimes I’ll get a call and not have any daycare available, so work is at times very sparse. Very stressful. Especially when your BCHydro bill quadruples without any warning. Thanks, BC Hydro. Thanks for thinking of us little guys while your top earning executives are bringing in around million dollars per year. I’m looking at you, Thomas Bechard, the Managing Director.

If you missed that link, it’s a publicly available PDF file outlining the compensations of their executive members. Click here to view.

Okay. Mini rant out of the way! I’ve also started bridging in to earn my Bachelor of Science in Nursing through North Island College’s LPN to RN bridge program. In completing the two bridge-in courses, I will be able to enter their BSN program half way through the second year. If I get a seat in the program next winter (it largely depends on if other students currently in the program do not continue on with their education for whatever reason), I will be set to graduate in 2017. Coincidentally, this is the year that the new VIHA hospital will be opening for the Comox Valley. Sweet!

Working, school work, keeping a semi-active social life, and managing extracurriculars for the kids… I’m running on fumes, but enjoying it regardless. Life is good.

I just have to try and earn $3,000 within the next few months. No biggy… D:   (new tires, Rx glasses, BCHydro bill, and course fees). Odd jobs and working more shifts ought to cover it. Just a big price tag hanging over my head lately.

Onto happier thoughts! I will likely be starting work on soon as the trout season looms for freshwater anglers. I also hope to start working on the practical nursing subsection of this website. Review, review, review 🙂

I might even get motivated to make a new knitting pattern… What should I knit? I’m thinking maybe a beer cozy since slopitch baseball season is almost upon us here on Vancouver Island.

Until next time! Cheers 🙂


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