Lining Up Your Knit Christmas Gifts

Let’s see what’s on the menu this year. I know it’s early, but when you work, go to school, and have kids, you have to be able to budget your time wisely and as such, I am starting my knitted Christmas gifts in  August. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. I’m that person.

Partner: Turn a Square Toque 
Mom & Stepdad: Chianti Rooster Pillow (Have I told the story of the rooster mug? It’s been to Alberta, Taiwan, British Columbia, and Taiwan. It is “stolen/rescued/saved” from family member to family member)
Dad: Paw print dish cloth in memory of Mr. R who was recently guided to the rainbow bridge
Stepmom, older sister, younger sister, and my brother: Slippers, Slippers, Slippers, Slippers!

If time permits, I will knit for the kids as well:

Son: Fish hat (I love this one! I made it for my younger sister before)
Stepson:  A matching, but of course more stylish Turn a Square Toque 
Daughter:  Beanie hat

I might get into some quilting should I find the motivation, but I’m not sure that I will find it.

What gifts are you planning for your family and friends?

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