Making Money Online: Mechanical Turk

So while I was waiting for my EI claim to render itself… And while I was first waiting for my ROE to come — which it did, three and a half weeks late — I decided to try out a few ways to make some money online. Being in Canada, there aren’t a lot of companies that readily allow employment online . Pair that with having a 5-year-old here to care for during daytime hours, a full or even part time job online wasn’t really an option.

I happened across a few ways to make money online, but I’ll just review them  one at a time for the sake of my own sanity.

The first place I tried seemed promising. It is done through Amazon and it’s called Mechanical Turk. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to make enough money through this website to live off of. Unless your rent is $5.00 a month and you don’t value things like… You know… Eating?  I powered through hours of HITs (mini jobs, so to speak), some paying as little as ten cents per, and I only managed to come out with $23.67.

Kind of disappointing. Especially since it took a few hours a day for about a week to get to that point. On the lighter side, this is still $23.67 that I made online. It’s still money that I didn’t have otherwise. Actually, it isn’t money at all. Unfortunately, when you are in Canada — or anywhere else outside of the USA — Mechanical Turk will only pay you in the form of gift certificates. Not too bad, though. I have some extra spending money for, which is a good thing! This means I can spend the spare money I made on that site and quench my occasional thirst for shopping for frivolous items.

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