Mascara Review from my BzzKit and School

For the past few weeks, I’ve been using a mascara I got for free from Provided by COVERGIRL and I’ve been reviewing my pathophysiology textbooks in preparation of school starting in January.

I hate to do two review back-to-back on my blog here, but I gave this one a valiant effort and replaced my usual mascara with the COVERGIRL Supersizer mascara and I kind of like it:


This is the Super Sizer by lashblast, which boasts the ability to give you up to 400% more lashes! Quite the ability if I do say so myself. My first impression was that the wand looks incredibly daunting. It’s not made with soft bristles as they are more of a soft plastic/rubbery substance. The first time I applied it was close to a disaster as I clumped my eyelashes together… So I guess you could say I made one eyelash look 400% larger by making all of my lashes one giant clump.

I digress. They do say that practice makes perfect and they couldn’t be more correct about that. I got used to the brush, applying the mascara at the base of my lashes and then twirling the wand as I extended the mascara through to the tips of my lashes. Eventually, I did manage to get an almost false-lash look. And it looked pretty natural -not at all fake like false lashes sometimes look.

The mascara held on well for the first few hours and sometimes it would last all day, but more often than not, I would end my day with flecks of black settling under my eyes as the mascara would dry and flake off. Mind you, this happens to most mascaras for me and perhaps is a result of applying too much product.

This wand is growing on me. It hurts like heck when you accidentally stab your eyeball, but that isn’t recommended anyway 😛 I like the uneven bristles on the wand, which helps with more even distribution without clumping.

There is a good chance that I will buy this particular mascara again once it runs out. I don’t often change mascaras, but when you find a good one, you tend to become loyal to it!

The cost of this right now at Walmart is $5.97 (originally $6.97), which is an amazing deal for this quality of mascara. My previous favourite was by Benefit and costs close to $30 per tube. So to have as good a quality as a botique mascara at less than a third of the price is outstanding.

Price is great, quality is good, application takes practice, smells just dandy (I hate stinky mascaras, which this is not), plus a little added bonus: the tube is larger, so the handle of the wand is also larger, making it easier to apply.

I’d recommend this to others.

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