MineCraft Quilt Along

I was hoping to get a quit-along going for the month of December using Minecraft as the theme, but I got swept up in working a heck of a lot. I have a 67% line at work, but am also picking up shifts in between at all three job sites. Between work, the kids, keeping the house, and pre-reading for school… I have very little time for actual hobbies.

Fortunately, I’ve found time to blog recently as we’ve moved the computer from the living room into our bedroom to make room for our Christmas tree, which we will be on the hunt for this week! Yay!

I’ve also been looking into making vlogs. Now that I’m too old to care what strangers on the Internet say about how I look, I think it would be pretty interesting to have a weekly vlog outlining how it is to work almost full time while in nursing school with kids. It should be interesting!

I’m still chipping away at my Monday To-Do List, but I’m quite happy with what I accomplished yesterday. Back to the grind then off to work.


Keep smiling 🙂

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