Monday Motivation! Or Things I Hope to Accomplish…

Instead of breaking things down by the day of the week, I’m just going to write out a list so I can pick away at it as my body allows me.

  • Maternity Monday Video Journal
  • January Ipsy Bag Unboxing / Unbagging
  • Clear out area beside bed and night-stand (lots of junk has accumulated recently!)
  • Wash and sort through bags of baby items I got off of a fellow mom
  • Wash carseat received from above mama
  • Plan out 12 ethnic/cultural foods to experiment with: One new culture to explore each month for 2017
  • Potentially do “Products We Loved 2016” video for collaboration
  • Chiropractor appointment
  • “Salon” appointment
  • Get a haircut, you hippy.
  • Weed down laundry and re-sort laundry room (it was turned upside down while the new furnace was put in last week

This week, try to get in for blood test (glucose and iron/ferritin levels) now that nausea is medicated sufficiently.

What is your week looking like? Let me know in the comments and shoot me a tweet <3

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