Monday To Do List!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these bad boys, but this will be a busy week with school, children, and work.

  1. Socks. Match up and put away those socks.
  2. Tuesday: Super deep bathroom clean (times two)
  3. Wash my poor car and give it a good vacuum
  4. Make Bran muffins for lunches
  5. Make kale chips!
  6. Plan to use the remainder of my Sunshine Organics produce
  7. Complete my mid-term student evaluation 🙂
  8. Write review cards for my mid-term next week
  9. Create the thesis for my paper and establish a skeleton outline
  10. Swap out my summer clothes for cold weather clothes
  11. Tidy up our upstairs pantry shelf

That’s all I want to put on my list for this week. I don’t want to write a list where I only complete two or three items, then feel bad about it 😛   What’s on your list this week?

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