Movember is Here!

I look forward to Movember each year, because there is such a small amount of awareness and support for male-dominant cancers. Although breast cancer is a scary and dreadful disease, it is easily cured nowadays and easily detected, since fighters of the past have paved the way for research and awareness. It’s time to turn our attention to lesser known cancers that are more deadly than breast cancer. One of those is testicular cancer. Testicular cancer can be detected in self examinations much in the same way that breast cancer can be detected via self examination.

Unlike breast cancer, testicular cancer’s victims tend to be younger (20-39-years of age).

If you would like to raise awareness and possibly raise money for Testicular Cancer research (among some other male cancers I will be writing about this  month), hop on over to the Movember website and sign yourself up! If you’re not wanting to raise funds, you can either grow a moustache throughout this month or wear a fake one for those of you that can’t physically grow nose slippers. Don’t forget to spread the word about Movember by telling your friends and your family or by blogging about it yourself!

If you post a blog about it, please link it in my comments or contact me and I will gladly link you!

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