My BzzKit is Here!

I received my sample of Olay’s Total Effects 7 in one anti-aging moisturizer from BzzAgent. Hopefully, this moisturizer will last four weeks, allowing me to fully test its ability to make my skin look “up to 10 years younger after just four weeks.” Obviously, mine won’t look 10 years younger as I’m 31 at the moment, but if I can see a visible decrease in some of my newly developing fine lines, I will be very impressed.

Step one will be to take a before picture of myself, which I haven not yet done, but will do before I start on this journey.

For your educational purposes, let’s see what the packaging says, paraphrased:

  1. Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Evening skin tone
  3. Brightens appearance
  4. Reduces look of pores
  5. Reduces look of age spots
  6. Restores skin firmness
  7. Replenishes moisture

The ingredients include niacinamide, panthenol, and vitamin E. In essence.

I’ve dived into skin care nose first after realizing I’m in my 30’s… Like, really realized it. I’m not the spry 20-something I used to be and it’s starting to show on my face. Not necessarily a bad thing; I’ve lived a pretty good life so far and have a few accomplishments under my belt. I’d just like to put my best face forward. With all the night shifts I work, the stress will get under my skin more easily and I’m sure I will age faster than I would under a more normal schedule, so I’m doing all I can.


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