My Gym Progress Update

Alright. I need to clean up my diet majorly. I have to cut out my fruity drinks, especially the alcoholic ones that I drink on my days off. I’ve had a lot of days off lately from missing staffing calls. Gah! 😛 My body fat percentage is honestly the highest it’s been since I was pregnant with my second and last kid in 2011.

Onwards! New personal records! I missed out on the gym last week due to lack of daycare for my youngest, so I went back on Wednesday. Nailed it.

Deadlift: 115 lbs x 3 (x3) (not bad. I’ve had to take it easy on these due to a tilted pelvis. One-sided tilted pelvis)

Squats: 115 lbs x 5 (x3) Up from just the bar in January!

Benches: 75 lbs… Okay, this one didn’t improve at all.

I also did a few Pendlay rows with 95 lbs and then 115 lbs. Not bad.

And then I played baseball. It wasn’t pretty. Thank god it was a fun game because I let many grounders pass right by me as I tried to scoop them up while also not falling on my face from my jello legs. Huzzah!

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