My Newest Nephew

I’d like to take a moment to introduce Edward, my newest nephew. He was born 2 weeks and 4 hours after Keagan 😛 My sister was kind enough to attend my birth and invited me to attend hers, which I did with Keagan strapped onto me in our ed Moby wrap.

She called us over around 2 in the morning and gave birth at 4:30 AM. If there’s one thing my family is known for, it’s our quick births!

Edward is named after a long-time friend of my sister and her husband, who took his life last year in October. Ed suffered from Schizofrenia and is now an unfortunate statistic of the mentally distressing illness.

His illness aside, Ed was an amazing man. He was a gentleman. Genuinely one of the nicest persons I had ever met. Schizofrenia hit in at around age 21 for Ed and he managed to keep trucking on until his late twenties. Sometimes, modern medicine just doesn’t work fast enough to find the right medication and dose to help sufferers.

RIP Ed! Your namesake is freaking gorgeous and adorable! You would have loved him.

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